When a Technology Product Walks-Back their Product’s Purchase Commitments

Bought several Canary IoT security camera-devices in 2016, and then several more along the way.

Used them to monitor a vacation home, our main home, and for a while an older home while it was being marketed.

Company Policy Destroyed a Good Product

Initial Canary commitment was when event-activated an alert & recording, that the film clip would be available for something like a month.

This worked awesome while we were then traveling places where moments of good connectivity might be days apart.

Then at some point between 2018 and 2020, Canary imposed a 24 hour availability. Grumble as I might, I thought “well that will sort of work.”

Around 2021 Canary further tightened its video availability to 3 hours! Yup a silly amount of time which can mean you might wake up to find a notice that a device triggered but that the video it made for you is being held hostage to your paying a $100/device yearly fee.

Canary took their product from a “No-Brainer”, to a “Hmm-Product,” and then to a “forget about buying it” product in stages.

I am close to selling mine Canary units and moving along.

In the process of evaluating options, but I believe I have purchased 8 of these units.

I may join the emerging Class Action effort, and I have asked Canary to buy back my units.

The units are mid-priced, usually purchased in the $140/each range, the Canary APP is okay but easy to use, installation is easy, and the overall product package would shine excepting the very short video retention commitment that has now morphed into all the features you based your purchase decision upon being held hostage for newly imposed fees.

Unless you are willing to pay the purchase costs over & over again in annual fees for services that originally were part of your purchase price, the Canary.io units cannot be recommended.




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