Non-Radio – Playing with the Pinzgauer

As we had family and friends visiting, I pulled out our 710M Pinzgauer to do one-on-one rides and driving experiences.

Pinzgauer 710M 4×4 (Ham Shack/Workshop is behind)

The front view, notice the high clearance.

Another side view

Back end looking very “closed up”

Was really hard to not get the truck and people dirty by going off road.

But I had my directions.

It was a bit too cold to roll up the back canvas and expect anyone to enjoy a ride from the troop carrier portion of the truck.  So I did a series of rides, and for a few that seemed eager did a bit of driving instruction.

Sorry the photos are mine taken at the end of the weekend, as the action & people shots are on other’s phones.



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2 thoughts on “Non-Radio – Playing with the Pinzgauer

  1. Kuby, N6JSX/8 [50yrs a HAM] says:

    What no mounted/usable SRC-210/300 radio w/antennas?

    • k9zw says:

      There is a dedicated Command/Communications variant the 710K which is set up for significant communication/cryptologic gear.

      As the K9ZW fleet consists of exactly one Pinzgauer we us a decidedly non-tactical comms setup.

      Internal comms are yelled between driver and passenger, and external directives arrive by cell phone!

      More seriously there is a military type antenna mounting and radio kit setup available, though I think it is setup to be used by the passenger rather than the driver.

      As an interesting aside, I wonder what a Pinzgauer looks like from a satellite, and is the AI/Analysts ever dial one in when it is seen out and about?



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