Dayton/Xenia Hamvention 2022 New Products

Gathering the product news passed on to me from those at Hamvention:

New/Replacement Products

  • Icom HT and Mobile
  • Italab Amp (Silent Two)
  • [Edited 23MAY22]  Several new “small brand” radios and kits, most which work of their arrival came after the event.

“We got one also!” Products like the other guy’s

  • Solid State Amps from Icom (IC-PW2)
  • and Acom (2020S)

Firmware/Software Upgrades

  • Icom for the IC-705
  • FlexRadio for SmartSDR (was released a few weeks prior to the event)

Interesting Accessories

  • Protection/Field Kits for certain Icom and Elecraft transceivers

Preproduction/release Announcements of Hardware/Software

  • SDRplay rewrite/update/rename (SDRconnect)
  • FlexRadio SmartSDR update previews


  • Heil Ham Radio separates from Heil Sound
  • Kenwood (JVCKenwood) continues to deemphasize and closeout its Amateur Radio offerings
  • Haven’t heard anything about the promised GHz products

Weird Announcements

  • ARRL International DX Contest Log by N3FJP being announced by the usual news sources as version 1.0 where latest release is already version 5.1.2 [Edited 23MAY22 – I got this one figured out, as the v1.0 reference is for the new “Digital Contest” version.]

Show/Internet Discounts

  • Yaesu, Icom, FlexRadio, Kenwood, Alinco, Heil, Uniden, SDRplay, Ham Radio Outlet, Gigparts, DX Engineering,



2 thoughts on “Dayton/Xenia Hamvention 2022 New Products

  1. Tom Tumino says:

    Can you tell us a bit more about the “Interesting Accessories

    Protection/Field Kits for certain Icom and Elecraft transceivers”—I haven’t found anything new online….

    Tom, N2YTF

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