Dayton Xenia Hamvention 2022 from Afar

As I am not attending this year, I have had plenty of time to do some searching for what is new in Ham Radio.

And I have a couple friends who are feeding what they hear/see back to those of use who didn’t go.

Seems the new themes are:

  • You can win a really big station by attending
  • Several postponed DXpeditions are rescheduled and back on for fundraising
  • DMR (Digital Radio Mobile) offerings (on DMR see:
  • Ruggedized HTs/Mobiles
  • and one ham reported back he was told of some commercial GHz equipment promises

Very interested in what else pops up as new.



2 thoughts on “Dayton Xenia Hamvention 2022 from Afar

  1. Kuby, N6JSX/8 [Ham for 50yrs] says:

    To add to this you know it is Dayton/Xenia HAMvention time when the WX rolls in. This year looks to be about the same as Xenia’s first year – hot/humid & WET.

    I live ~50mi north of Hamvention. Early this AM Xenia had a serious heavy Thunderstorm roll thru – so the grass fairgrounds and swamp meet should be slick. The winds are high as my country shack lost power for a minute at 0600. High winds for most of the day should help to dry out the wet grass but it will also blow in more WET.

    Tomorrow partly sunny but hot and HUMID under moments of beating sun with WET rolling in around 1600 and thru the night into Sunday morning. Good chance the swamp meet will be packing up in heavy rain Saturday evening or lighter rain Sunday morning.

    Looks like the best time to attend will be Friday or hit the swamp meet early Saturday and duck into the buildings/tents just after noon as it will be sticky warm/humid to WET.

    Typical Dayton – don’t like Ohio WX then wait 20minutes it will change.

  2. Kuby, N6JSX/8 [50yrs a HAM] says:

    Looking at the WX blowing in – swap-meet Hamvention will likely end just after 1500hrs today. Some serious Thunder/rain will hit and stay to Sunday noon, Sunday morning the temps will take a big dip for the next three days following the front blowing thru.

    The swap-meet will have serious ankle high wading (like 1st year Xenia). The brief Ariel view of the swap-meet inner track area looked less than 1/2 full. Much fewer than expected. Covid and high gas prices have taken their toll. Gas has jumped again yesterday – cheapest just north of HAMvention is $4.38-$4.49/gal about $0.20 higher closer to Dayton.

    Local Channel 7 WHIO news last evening, in front of our county SCARES HAM E-Comm rig:

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