Buying a NEC-5 License for Antenna Modeling – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Buying a NEC-5 License for Antenna Modeling – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, you get to work with Mary Holden-Sanchez, who is super nice as well as efficient.

As of mid-May 2022 the process is you should fill out the three forms and get them to Mary by email. Several are pdfs that you can fill in online prior to saving them and sending them. On the long license form fill in everything you can BEFORE you let Adobe do its eSignature part, as there are parts to be done after the signature page.

I withheld some of my credit card details rather than sending them via email, and I called in the missing parts.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory can also do payment via DocuSign, an interim solution providing much better security for your credit card details. To request the DocuSign process, email Mary.

They are in the process of implementing a secure online payment system.

The link for NEC-5 is

The May 2022 contact, and Mary’s information is:

Mary Holden-Sanchez, IP Specialist
Innovation & Partnerships Office (IPO)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

My experience is that the system has an unusual number of moving parts, that adding the financial security will be a boon for the payees & LLNL, that some of the people are working from home, and that at this time the payment part is done by finance separately from licensing.

When everything goes through, you get an email invite to your portal where for about the 3rd or 4th time you get enter your contact information before you can download the files.

As it was, I missed the daily cutoff for payment processing and it took a day to get my license.

On the plus side, they have a really great product to license and I got to speak with good people!  I’ll touch how to add NEC 5.0 X.13 to your installation of EZNEC in another post.



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