More on Antenna Modeling

The previous post on EZNEC being offered gratis to the Amateur Radio community had some comments, and I received a few emails. (Link )

Much of what had been in computer antenna modeling has changed over time.

I gathered as many links as I could find for this post.  If you know of additional programs or links, please put them in a comment, and periodically I will edit them into the main post.

(NOTE:  Focus is on general HF Amateur Radio level usage programs)

Antenna Modeling Links – mid-May 2022:

Active Programs Found

Linux Active Programs Found

Links that work, but the programs are not fresh (may be DOS or WinXP):

Replaced by newer offerings

Defunct Links

  • NEC-Win-Plus – defunct was Nittany Scientific, who is out of business
  • NEC4WIN – defunct – was Orion Systems
  • SuperNEC – defunct

About NEC (the engine at the center of these programs)

NEC Alternatives/Derivatives

Other Useful Links:

ARRL Links



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