Hamshack Hotline – VoIP for Hams

Well really just a dedicated amateur radio VoIP system.


EDIT 26APR22 – Check out the Wiki at Hamshack Hotline, as many of the questions I’m being asked are covered in detail at their Wiki.

Set mine up April 2022, and I am now 610-000-0781 as Steve K9ZW in the Hamshack Hotline Directory.

I scrounged a Cisco SPA303 of eBay for the purpose.

The Hamshack Hotline Website is a wealth of information on the project

Bought off eBay my phone had been previously provisioned by appeared unused

Okay – easy-peasy setup (there is a video https://youtu.be/-XRUnnjTugQ )

By using one of the “supported phones” I could use their ready-to-go script to make it super easy.

The steps:

  • Bought a Cisco SPA303, a NOS one off of FleaBay
  • Once the phone arrived (as you need its specific MAC address) I took a picture of is label
  • Did the Helpdesk ticket, including sending a picture of my phones label
  • Next day by email and on the HelpTest ticket system I was assigned 610-000-0781 as Steve K9ZW
  • Ran the script for my phone, and backchecked it just because that is me
  • Following day after the email info arrived the line was provisioned at the server level, making my extension active
  • Set up my voicemail/greetings next (*97)
  • And did a bunch of testing – looks very good! Left a couple voicemails on buddies extensions, one who left me a voice message reply.  The system will email you if have received a voice message.

Not certain if the bridges mentioned on their website are just conference rooms or something else?

There is a bunch of steaming stuff you can check out of course, a latency test server and other extras.  I found all this in the website directory under admins.  My information was added to the directory at their next directory update a few days later as updates are done in batches.

I’ve slapped a NOT A 911 CAPABLE PHONE sort of sticker and also sticker with my extension number on the phone, again just because that is me.

More exploring down the road I am sure.

Thinking thought that I will about jump out of my skin if I am in the radio room and it rings!

Using a “supported” phone model, Hamshack Hotline had a cut, paste & edit in local IP command line script to provision my phone

Phone has been locally provisioned but not so much at the Hamshack Hotline servers – notice the amber button


Now fully provisioned the button is green, and I have added stickers to remind me of my extension number and that this is not a E911 phone. (I have a landline in shack for that).

Have some ideas how this Ham-Batphone could be useful!




5 thoughts on “Hamshack Hotline – VoIP for Hams

  1. Kuby says:

    My Cisco is coming this weekend – so let the HH adventure begin.

    Got my Cisco off eBay [total $31] using the HH Wiki ‘Provisioning Guides’ list (use what is known forget trying to recreate the wheel – KISS).

    My Cisco comes with a wallwart but I also found a cheap eBay [$11.39] Ethernet Injector (all-in-one) to keep my shack cleaner.

    On HH MAPS, I found a very near HAM already on HH so I’ll have some one to test with AND it looks like there are some very interesting HH AUDIO numbers one can call! My Alexa Echo DOT is going to be jealous.

    Now I’ll need to discover how to program my Cisco four one-touch calling buttons.

    de N6JSX/8, 50yrs a HAM

  2. Kuby N6JSX says:

    N6JSX, HH number: 6100000833

  3. Kuby N6JSX says:

    BTW, that is a damn good looking call-sign sign, impressive. Does it change colors too?

  4. […] Links and directions (you use the same HelpDesk Ticket system with a picture of your phone’s MAC address label for a “Second Endpoint” as you do for the initial line) are at:  https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2022/04/26/hamshack-hotline-voip-for-hams/ […]

  5. Tom KJ7T says:

    I did much the same, purchasing a refurbished Cisco SPA 303 that looked brand new. HH # 610 000 1280. I have a SPA 525G arriving today that I’ll stick in my work office (different city) and then request an additional extension. With HH’s help, I’ve linked my HH phone to my AllStarLink node. Story at https://randomwire.substack.com/p/io-hamshack-hotline-connects-to-allstarlink

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