Loaner/Starter Radios and a Tip How Not to Get Them Back if Desired

A few posts back I postulated:

“In another post down the road I will lay out my ideas behind having loaner/starter radios to help people out. I also learned a pretty good trick how to make sure a radio basically loaned out never comes back, if that is a goal. I’ll touch on that later as well.”

and I touched on the end effect:

Net effect for me is an expense absorbed long ago continues to provide a series of hams operating opportunities, bringing ham-joy into their lives. What could be better than that?

For years I have bought several small simple transceivers, sometimes new overstock and sometimes quality gear to be repaired.

My buys have included Icom IC-718, TenTec Paragon II/Delta/Jupiter, SGC SG-2000/2020 and similar transceivers.

My idea was to put together simple stations to pass them on. Sometimes sold onwards, a few times I traded them, and but mostly the stations were loaned or gifted to aspiring hams.

What better way to get someone involved in our hobby as to help get them on the air.

Radio Stations loaned out are expected to be returned, but weirdly I have had a couple Gifted-Stations come back when their operators acquired new gear.

I got one of the gift station recipients to explain why they would give the station back, rather than their passing in forward to another ham, trading it off, or selling it.

It seems I left in place unspoken emotional ties that they felt a need to honor and that the station remained a “loaner” in their eyes even though received as a gift.

Another wise new ham then offered up the observation that people lose this sort for silent-strings feeling if they actually own gear.  That unless gear sold was sold on with an expectation of being bought back, that they felt liberty to do what they pleased with what they bought.

Simply making the “recipient” into an “owner” by having them pay a small amount seems to be the ticket to keeping the gifted gear from coming back.

While non-binding perhaps asking them to be similarly kind in passing the station forward to another ham might help reduce the feeling that the recipient needed to return the gear.

The two small stations I am very slowly working on getting ready for a new to the hobby ham’s use will be sold for say $50 each, so I can see if this payment exchange breaks the boomerang-effect.




2 thoughts on “Loaner/Starter Radios and a Tip How Not to Get Them Back if Desired

  1. Kuby, [Ham for 50yrs] N6JSX says:

    Which 6700 is for me? ha ha I’ve got a 6300, 5000, 3000 to sell.

    • k9zw says:

      All yours are very low hour too!

      Would be awesome to see you get that 6300 into action! Very good radio for an inexpensive used pricepoint.

      The loaners/gifts I have been doing are much less costly and simple to run rigs.



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