Digging Deeper – Collins S-Line work after Mice Tried to Move In

Some more great work by Chuck W9KR, this time on my Washington Island Collins Station where during my absence from the Island during the CCP-19 Virus “lockdowns” a mouse family tried to build their new home in my KWM-2A Transceiver.

Lots of shells (and poo)

Well packed during their brief residency

I get mice into the radio shack area regularly, and have traps set.  But traps are useless if you are are not there to clear them out, meaning the mice were second or third wave while we were absent from the island for the extended period of the initial virus lockdowns.

While I captured the mice easily once we could tend our mousetraps, it wasn’t until last year that I realized they had taken up residence and created their own warehouse of food inside the Collins gear.

They also used part of the radio as a latrine.

As the performance of this setup had declined prior to the mouse housing problem, it needed a good going over as it was.

Chuck W9KR found that a number of the tubes had met their demise.


Once cleaned, tube testing found a number of marginal, out of spec, and failed tubes

Once replaced and with nothing more that the thorough cleaning, the transceiver showed huge promise!

While it in theory could have been returned to service at that stage, it is being recapped and aligned.


The benchwork process

I’m not going to share the mouse-soiled picture as it was superficial and cleaned up fantastically.

Cleaned and in process of being returned to service

I am a bit worried that I haven’t developed the skills or assembled the tools to do the sort of maintenance Chuck W9KR is doing. Going to have a session with Chuck to figure out what I should put my effort into acquiring and learning at my level of use.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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One thought on “Digging Deeper – Collins S-Line work after Mice Tried to Move In

  1. Kuby, [Ham for 50yrs] N6JSX says:

    Steve, your other Amigos still find you’re ‘nuts’.

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