Collins Progress Update 1

Some in progress pictures as Chuck W9KR does his magic on the Collins 32S1/75S1 station.

Digging in at W9KR’s very well equipped workbench

Testing found some weak and failed tubes, all which are being replaced. I had bought tube kits for some of the units, and others have been sourced. All told about 8-10 tubes across the equipment are being replaced.

After a prolonged period of increasing voltages controlled by a variac, good meter readings

Prolonged means a lot longer than I would have thought, a gentle process.

Another view of deep dive

W9KR even has wood blocks he had fabricated to support the uncased chassis while he works on them. Very organized and systmeatic.

Little friend fond in the power supply

So far just one dried wasp, a freeloader is seems. No idea how old this mummified wasp is.

Decca KW 107 SUPERMatch sorted out after some tricky near slight of hand rework

The KW 107 is a very neat English built unit that visually blends-in with the Collins S-Line. A nice robust unit.

Added cooling for the power supply. Odd that Collins didn’t a fan originally.

The fan-mod will improve durability of the power supply, and is one of several enhancement and protective mods in the works.

We are creating a set of station notes that will stay with the station, outlining any enhancements

Lots more going on here, like changing out capacitors and other age degraded components.



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