Disposition of Radios (1) – TenTec Paragon II Setup

Paragon II in route to a new home

This TenTec Paragon II is an interesting story. It was given to me as a “parts or repair” radio by George W9EVT ten years ago, with a request “that if it was repairable, could I get into a the hands of a ham who would use it, but didn’t have a HF radio?”

The radio went off to TenTec’s service and in all honesty more parts and labor were put into repairing and aligning the transceiver than perhaps it was worth.

I’m not going to name the two hams that have used this radio over the last decade, as one had it briefly until they saved enough to buy the rig they wanted, and another had it for quite a few years. These were hams whose personal economics didn’t have room for anything expensive, and both took great care of the radio.

The second ham recently returned the radio asking that I get it to another ham, as he had scrounged up a smaller transceiver, which given his small government housing would free up space.

I went down my shortlist of possible new operators, eliminating some based on the observation that being radio-poor was a choice when their economics allowed for new cars and vacations. Another group when I started checking working my shortlist had gotten HF radios, which further whittled down the list.

Of the remaining list one ham who is living on a very small military pension quickly became first choice and this weekend the TenTec Paragon II setup was handed off to another worthy ham.

In another post down the road I will lay out my ideas behind having loaner/starter radios to help people out. I also learned a pretty good trick how to make sure a radio basically loaned out never comes back, if that is a goal. I’ll touch on that later as well.

Net effect for me is an expense absorbed long ago continues to provide a series of hams operating opportunities, bringing ham-joy into their lives. What could be better than that?



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