Inopportune Updates – Lamenting the Device that Demands Attention when You have None

An Example No-Escape Upgrade Demand – This one took three minutes to complete 

Nags, popups, banners and other notice of user update input being required are unhelpful if you try to script/automate certain tasks, let someone else use your device, or have additional software running that might not be ready for the forced update.

They are also awful if you need to get something up and running right now!

Rarely there is an overriding security need to do a “must-do” update, but often it is just sloth or worse the marketing people at play for marketing games.

The super annoying are ones that have to resolve with a remote server when you are on no/low internet connection.

Some software offers choices to do some control, per example you may be able to let it tell you there is an update available but to not download it, queue it up, or install until you tell it do so.  Operating systems may impose a time limit on the deferral.

Certain hardware updates require fairly strong and stable internet to avoid “bricking” the device mid-update.  I often have brought gear off-island to better internet to do critical updates.

I make a point of complaining when updates are needlessly demanded, not only to the company involved but in any current reviews and starting now in this blog.

You should too!



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