Telnet access is spotbbs.k9zw.com port1123

ssh access is spotbbs.k9zw.com port 1122 

http (regular web) access is proxied through spotbbs.k9zw.com:8888

gopher access may follow

SPOT BBS Login Page

A reminder about the K9ZW SPOT BBS project.

SPOT was the name of my old FidoNet OPUS system some 30+ years ago.

SPOT was actually S.P.O.T. for Someone Playing On Transistors, which seems are good as anything else way back when.

Remember spotbbs.k9zw.com (without the :8888) is NOT an internet URL, rather it is the same sort of shorthand we use on the internet to let you remember the BBS’s address. If you enter spotbbs.k9zw.com into a browser it does not resolve. That might change down the road.

From within the BBS world by Netmail address is k9zw at 21:1/224   In most systems you put the user name and the routing into two separate entry fields.

Two interesting features are:

  • Gopher Access via main menu “/+” command.  This feature allows some access to the world of Gopher.
  • Multi-Relay- Chat (MRC) via the main menu “/M” command.  This is dedicated BBS-to-BBS IRC channel with its own GUI.

The message area has feeds from FidoNet, fsxNET, WhisperNet, LegionNet, VKRadioNet and more.  I’ve created a Cybernetics File area and allowed another file area for a group of people interested in conspiracy theories.

Some terminal programs you can use are SyncNet, NetRunner and PuTTY.  I’ll put directions if you need them.  From most browsers the http://spotbbs.k9zw.com:8888/ should work.

Hope you enjoy this BBS blast from the past!




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