Local Clubs – Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club

Lakeshore Amateur Radio Service Club

Manitowoc County has a small radio club. Roughly about 25 members of the 200+ radio amateurs QRZ says live in our county. (QRZ says there are 222 but they list some SKs and club calls, suggesting 200 is closer.)

Of the club’s listed 25, really about 10-15 are active with the club in a meaningful fashion (I am more a supporter than an active club member myself.)

Manitowoc County’s percentage of Radio Amateurs is about the national average, and is slightly higher than the Wisconsin percentage.

The area ham population has seen a few hams go inactive with age/illness and too many SKs (deaths). Demographics and engagement shortfalls have not really kept up with the losses of the older generation of hams.

The local club has an ARES/RACES side, which is semi-active, has an HF station in the old Armory building, and a couple 2m repeaters. They can be found at: http://www.mcaresraces.org/larsc-lakeshore-amateur-radio-service-club/ LARSC incorporated the ManCoRad (Manitowoc County Radio club) a few years back.



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