State of the K9ZW Stations – January 2022

Mentioned in my end of 2021 posts, a special project reduced my on-the-air time and all but eliminated by station building time the last few months of 2021.

So where at the stations at?

Island QTH

  • Flagpole Vertical is up and running, and needs the hole left for radial attachment backfilled.
  • Tower and Log Periodics are on the ground, ready to be erected.  Will 2022 be the year?  Need concrete, contractors and some of my time to finish the directional antenna off.
  • Rack is done.
  • Collins station needs to be brought home, the KWM-2A serviced/checked out, and that station sold.

Work QTH

  • Time to add some IoT controls to the setup.
  • Considering replacing the elevated vertical, but not a must.
  • Repeater hardware needs to be swapped out and tidied up.

Home QTH

  • Flagpole Vertical has been working really well.
  • Big Log Periodic on the Skyneedle is physically nearly completed (a couple of tower detailing tasks remain) and works blistering well.  The Rotator not so much, as I didn’t finish the wiring & calibration when my project swallowed so much time.  Lots to do here.
  • The RBOG (Reversible Beverages On Ground) were fully installed but remain untested.  Ran out of time.  Pretty certain one leg needs some rework or checking out, following a series of very strong storms which flooded its remote location washing some soil out.
  • Racks are close to done.
  • The Collins 32S/75S based station needs to be sold, along with much extra gear.
  • The Collins HF-380 station while in the rack and up and running, needs to have extras like the RTTY add-ons checked out.

Portable Setups

  • The Flex-based one needs to be checked out prior to field deployment.
  • The Elecraft KX3 based one needs some familiarization time before taking to the field.
  • The TenTec Jupiter/Pegasus ones are mostly to be sold.
  • The SGC SG-2020 based one just needs to be used and have its annual check-out.

Other Gear/Issues

  • Antenna Analyzers and TDRs need their annual checkouts, along with other test gear.
  • Generators needs to be test run and prepared to be stored again.
  • I need to learn how to use the Spectrum Analyzer that came from FAA surplus.
  • The service bench needs to be properly set up.
  • Lots of excess gear needs to find a new home.
  • All those kits that have been sitting on the shelf need to be built or sold.

Perhaps that is a tip of my iceberg of tasks, as I am still trying to figure out a unified logging setup, maybe try some Island and POTA activations, step up mentoring (I’ve only encouraged one new ham during the Pandemic, they passed Tech a month back and are sitting General this month), and lots more.



One thought on “State of the K9ZW Stations – January 2022

  1. Unified logging… I have been working on this exploration for a while. I settled on Cloudlog ( as it is web based and browser-agnostic. I run my instance on an internal web server.
    I still have not come up with a good field based solution, other than pen and paper.

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