Lots of Distractions

Lots of extra distractions have cut sharply into my writing time.

Nothing horrible, but as such things always seem to arrive in waves, doing a bit of treading water.


On the plus side certain long term projects change from “project building” with all the extra work into “project maintenance” which should be a lighter load, mostly making the transition with the new year.

As hinted in previous posts the prioritization of personal projects suggests a number of queued projects are going to be cut.

Would very much enjoy a winter getaway, though to where? Often overseas filled out the vacation needs, or maybe a nice cruise. The ever changing travel rules and cruise ships virus problems suggest another staycation would minimize risks. It is more the risk of being caught up in an extended period of virus quarantine or in the political manifestation that follows that worries.

One unhappy aspect of the virus woes is missing the camaraderie of doing projects with friends. Safety first overrules getting the gang together.

Every individual has their own take on what is prudent, and guess what – as long as someone else’s stance doesn’t get in my face, I respect all of the various decisions. Likewise I expect reasonably accommodation in respect to my stance.

Doesn’t always happen though, as people remain pretty emotional and cling to their personal biases regardless of direct observations or reports.

On the radio side it is a lot of FT8 as a background activity at the moment. The chunks of open time to run phone (SSB) are elusive at the moment. That will change.

Similarly with many of my other usual pastimes. Despite buying a new motorcycle I didn’t rack up a thousand miles on bike this season. Never set foot on stage performing this year either.

The one part that has not completely slipped is daily exercises, though it has been hard to extend the sessions beyond an applied hour daily. Again thinking the time availability will improve after the first of the year.



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