Assembling Log Periodic Antennas – Part 2

Another big lift in the process of getting the HF log periodic antennas up. With much help from Vern K9EME, the T-12 is up and initial testing shows it’s performing very well.

There are a lot of steps to do in any antenna project, and this one was no exception.

I’m completing this post Sunday afternoon, as I have had enough feeding the mosquitos for a weekend.  Pictures with brief comments (and yes, the project is not done yet):

The Skyneedle has an offset rotator drive.


At the Skyneedle’s lowest elevation it is obvious a few more trees need to be cut back.

The T-12 has a stability truss, and there is just enough room above for the T-28 down the road.


The Slipp-Nott clamps are neat. We had to leave a few elements off while erecting because the oversized lift was a moose.


Top is the Flagpole ZeroFive Vertical and the Lower is the new T-12


Caught in the act, working on the rotator. (Initial testing is this AlfaSpid RAK works great in the offset configuration).


ALWAYS take a picture of wiring (because otherwise I forget what color went where)


Cable supports in place, but final cable configuration will happen later.


The AlfaSpid RAK rotator. Note the bar cut out of the cage, as without this modification you cannot wire the rotator because the bar won’t let you remove the electrical cover.


First two QSOs with the new T-12 antenna patched in for testing, even though it was pointed straight north were contacts with Wales and Italy on digital.  Then switch to SSB and got the K4MIA/5 special event station and another Italian.



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