Thinking Ahead – Mitigating Security, Privacy, and Anonymity Vulnerabilities as an Amateur Radio Operator

This series started with

This post we are talking about mitigation – the passive reduction of vulnerabilities to your Security, Privacy, and Anonymity as an Amateur Radio Operator.

As previously mentioned avoiding the use of your call sign by using either a club or if appropriate a tactical call sign.

This is more effective if not on phone (SSB/AM/FM) as your voice doesn’t give you away.

In general it may be useful to ID at the legal widest time spacing.

Also a good time to lose your Callsign hats, pins, badges, jackets and maybe pick a vehicle without ham plates. Many EmGov/Emcomm outfits supply credentials – ours hangs around your neck – but there is no emphasis on checking these very closely and the general public or other agencies likely have never seen them.

I know of a ham who if activated for real plans to use his old pickup, while strategically parking his vanity callsign plated daily driver at his home where it can be seen at his QTH, with the idea that it shows the boss is in.

More to follow,



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