Thinking Ahead – The differences between Security, Privacy, and Anonymity as an Amateur Radio Operator

The Thinking Ahead Series started with

Security, Privacy, and Anonymity in terms of ham radio are interesting concerns.

Anonymity is pretty much a lost cause, unless operating using tactical call signs. These alternative call signs may be authorized in an emergency or may be used less officially in times of duress. Tactical Call Signs aside, if you are using your own call sign every time you identify you lose your anonymity. This may make a case for using say the club station call to remain anonymous. Our local club had W9DK as a call, and perhaps you using W9DK-Tiger and W9DK-Bear for different club activation entities rather than you own call sign.

Why the anonymity?

Privacy and Security is why.

The obvious is if your call is heard from a deployed location, it means your home QTH doesn’t have you around. Whether that means it is undefended or less defended might be a question, but certainly you are not there. And since you transmitted your call you gave out your address to anyone with FCC or QRZ or Google access. Fun!

Privacy is more about just choosing to remain personally unassociated.

Security is about taking care of family, your own home and yourself by avoiding hazards.

In future posts each will be touched upon.



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