Assembling Log Periodic Antennas – Part 1

Time to (finally) build the Log Periodic Antennas for the home QTH.

The big one is a Tennadyne T12.30-10HD – a twelve element 30 to 10 meter version.

Here is photo borrowed from the manufacturer’s website of a T12 on a tower (mine is going on a Skyneedle):

T12 from Tennadyne Website

Assembling has taken several after work sessions.  Here are some photos:

Boom parts as unboxed

Lots of Element parts


Markings (very easy to follow)


Markings on joining splices, which fit like a champ


Assembled Boom Sections before joining process


Boom Halves prior to rotating right hand one to create the element interleave

I have some help lined up to rotate the one half, and it will take another healthy session to put the halves together, wire it and do as much pre-assembly of the elements as I can do inside away from the mosquitoes.

The I will need some help to walk the boom out to the tower area and installing the elements.

And the T-28HD 6m to 1.3 gHz small log needs to be assembled.



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