What Time is it? Can you hear me? FT8 Timing/Sound Woes and Corrections

Time is important to do Digital Modes

One of the workstations I remotely use to run my stations is under enterprise update control, resulting in less say when patches and updates get applied.

Seems the latest round of updates messed with two things – time and sound. Kind of the two most important parts to run a timed digital mode like FT8!

Updated the installed Meinberg NTP package to the latest (check my Flex-6000 software tab for links) and rebooting sorted the time issues. Without spending a whole lot of time, appearances were that Meinberg NTP wasn’t updating the local PCs clock anymore.

Eventually the local clock drift was too excessive to decode FT8 anymore.

The Meinberg NTP package update installation was a quick “down and dirty” fix.

The WSJT soundcard issue was resolved my switching radios in the Files -> Settings -> Radio, saving that and then reverting to what was known working settings and saving that. My guess is something minor happened that a settings version of a reinstall sorted out.

Troubleshooting was fairly easy as I had a known-to-work set of settings as a reference.

All good and with five minutes of fix-up I am back to making QSOs the digital way again.

[NOTE – found the same issue and fix was needed at my Island QTH.  Anyone else finding the issue? – edited 26JUL21]



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