QTH Security Event – Scammers Arranging a Bogus Service Call

Received first a Text Message supposedly from our Cable/Internet provider responding to a request for service I never made.

Then a Robocall Phone Message was left confirming the service appointment.  That call came from a spoofed phone number.  It spoke how the service problem was corrected remotely, as we had no issues nor had reported them I would guess that the scammer needed to figure out a way to still try to make a visit, but that the tech would come check things anyway.

  • So what is up?
  • Perhaps a setup for a home intrusion?
  • Or a decoy to make sure I am not where I usually would be during the service window?

When I called my actual Cable/Internet provider they confirmed there was no open ticket, and then suggested we contact our local police.

They also cautioned that if any emails would arrive about this obviously fake service call, do not click on the links.

  • So will we catch us a crook? (Thinking not, as normally thieves would want you away from your home, rather than at the home for a service call)
  • Is it a set up for further mischief? (Like an email with malware as a follow up)
  • Is it a computerized/automated whoopsie? (if the originating phone numbers were not spoofed, that would make the most sense)

An interesting world out there, a bit less interesting when trouble comes home to your doorstep.

Might be a big nothing-burger or might be an adventure. More to follow in a few days.



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