Two of my Collins Station Setups are For Sale

Having acquired an HF-380 during the lockdown my now extra Collins radios need to find a new home.

K9ZW Collins HF-380 Rack in progress

Would prefer to sell each setup as a group. Both ran well, but have been sitting idle since before the virus lockdown (or longer).

Expect separate detailed posts later with more detail, each but in a nutshell:

Setup 1: KWM-2A Setup, including 30L1, both power supplies, desk mic, 312B-5 remote VFO/patch and a Waters meter, with all cables and custom felted dust covers.

K9ZW Collins KWM-2A Station

SETUP 1 – K9ZW Collins KWM-2A Station (there is more)

Setup 2: 75/32S1 Setup including 30L1, power supply/speaker, 312B-4 meter/patch and a digital VFO display, with cables.


Some of the Setup 2 gear:


Collins 32S1 Receiver

SETUP 2 – Collins 32S1 Receiver


Collins 75S1 Receiver

SETUP 2 – Collins 75S1 Receiver

Collins 30L-1 Amp

SETUP 2 – Collins 30L-1 Amp

Everything is located in Wisconsin – Setup one is presently on Washington Island and Setup two is near Manitowoc.

Good at if interested.




2 thoughts on “Two of my Collins Station Setups are For Sale

  1. Beautiful equipment and would love to have Collins gear. GL and Good DX!

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