Non-Radio – Parades and Charity Events in a Pinzgauer

Summer weather and greatly lessened Virus restrictions have allowed a number of community and charity events to proceed. As I have found myself double-booked or away for the first few a friend drove my 1975 Pinzgauer 710m. The support of charities and community at events like this benefit from interesting things that pull the public. Seems the Pinzgauer qualifies for that “pull.”

Manitowoc Wisconsin Fourth of July Parade

Hometown 4th of July parade was the latest, where entries simply show their community support and patriotism. For many years as a youth I marched the parade in a band. First school bands and later a few times in a community band. Was nice to put the truck into the 2021 parade.

Earlier in June the “Cool City Classic” cruise and car show was a hit for the Pinzgauer. The run starts in Manitowoc Wisconsin and finishes in Two Rivers, with the ride being along Lake Michigan on Memorial Drive. Again a friend drove the Pinzgauer as we had commitments elsewhere.

Here is a picture of the Pinz on the cruise portion arriving in Two Rivers.

Cool City Classic Cruise in nearby Two Rivers

Getting parked and set up before the show portion was technically opened to the public.

Two Rivers Cool City Classic Show

A high-mobility 4×4 with an attitude, the Pinzgauer is really not too big and is easy to drive. If you search the web you can find all sorts of videos of its off-road exploits. Years ago I drove one on a demonstration range where we easily drove up slopes that you ended up on all fours if you tried to climb yourself.

A better view of the Pinzgauer

Hope to be supporting a few more charity events this summer.  A bit spoiled for choice as I would like to show some of the other cars as well.

Maybe I can figure out a way to combine a radio activation with showing the Pinzgauer?  Hmm…




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