Updating a Friend’s Flex-6400 and Maestro – Updates Takes a While!

Tom K0TTC’s gear next to my Island QTH’s rack

Tom K0TTC brought his Flex-6400 and Maestro to my Island shack so we could update software/firmware to the current SmartSDR 3.2.39 from 3.1.1x (I think it was .16 or .19).

This particular update is fairly intensive, as several passes of updates are used to bring everything up to date.

The Flex-6400 took a couple passes, each which took quite a bit of time. Unlike my Flex-6700s the Flex-6400/6600 do not show much visual information as the updates progress. During part of the process not much is telling that the process is underway, though the installer is marking off progress.

The time needed to update the Maestro was significant. It seemed to take three passes, with the middle one appearing to be focused on a .NET update process. The OS Update also took a goo long time.

“A Long While” is literal, go make coffee, read War & Peace or go fishing when it says be patient.

When the Maestro screen says this could take a long time, it is not more than five minutes “long time” I was envisioning, but half hour plus bits of long time.

All updated well and K0TTC should be all set to be back on the air.




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