What goes into a SmartSDR Software Update?

Those of us running SmartSDR and using the SmartLink functionality will be aware that 3rd party changes broke some of that functionality several week back.

Unexpected and it broke things hard if you were using SmartLink.  

FlexRadio Systems was all over the problem, running numerous Alpha releases to their testers as quickly as they could to get functionality restored. That resulted in new releases that worked with everything except the M-model faceplate and Maestro controllers (I think it remained a WAN SmartLink issue).

Relentlessly chasing the issues to make the update uniform across the whole spectrum of SmartSDR hardware, FRS continued to release Alpha updates to the Alpha Test Team until they got the M-model/Maestro update ready.

A tip of the hat to the dedicated Alpha testers, especially the ones who have the time and skills to really hammer hard on new Alpha releases. Though I am an Alpha Team member, these dedicated and skilled folks simply have superior experience and enough available time to really make a difference in radily developing software!

What happens in the Alpha Team world is expected to stay there.

Formally there are Alpha Team NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) with FRS, but even more importantly there is a camaraderie bolster by personal honor, that keeps things quiet until FRS speaks about it.  \

Acknowledging that the Alpha Test Team are a great group of people doing really hard work and testing things to the limits I think is an allowable peek under the curtains of the Alpha Test Team.

Their email exchanges are relentless in volume and dedication, as they address the numerous Alpha development releases as the software team tackles their goals.  And that software team is on their game.  Good folk doing great work.  

The latest result is a new release of SmartSDR that updates all products to address the SmartLink issue forced on FRS .

Well done and thank you!



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