K9ZW SPOT BBS Project – Soft Launch

[EDIT/UPDATE – The BBS has been majorly reworked by cr1mson and his team at KANSIT BBS Consulting.

Telnet access is spotbbs.k9zw.com port1123 and ssh access is spotbbs.k9zw.com port 1122 

gopher and http (regular web) may follow 28MAY21]

SPOT BBS New Login Page (28MAY21)

Doing a soft launch of my K9ZW SPOT BBS project.  So if you read my blog you get a chance to see the BBS as it develops.

SPOT was the name of my old FidoNet OPUS system some 30+ years ago.

SPOT was actually S.P.O.T. for Someone Playing On Transistors, which seems are good as anything else way back when.
First version login:

SPOT BBS Initial Login Screen

[Both] Telnet [and ssh] connection[s are] active at this stage, and the message groups are fsxNet, WhisperNet, and more. If you create a new user for yourself I have to manually upgrade your access level the next time I am on the BBS.

Access is via Telnet port 1123 spotbbs.k9zw.com [or ssh port 1122 spotbbs.k9zw.com]

[You can use “NEW” for usernames/password to get you started.]

Remember spotbbs.k9zw.com is (presently) NOT an internet URL, rather it is the same sort of shorthand we use on the internet to let you remember the BBS’s address. If you enter spotbbs.k9zw.com into a browser it does not resolve. That might change down the road.

Sometime in the next few weeks the ssh access will be up. Despite navigating the checklist to get ssh set up, I have a glitch which I suspect is at the router level. [It was and its is fixed]

From within the BBS world by Netmail address is k9zw at 21:1/224   In most systems you put the user name and the routing into two separate entry fields.

A lot of the out of the box fussiness of my selected software will be disappearing as soon as I get at it. Currently penciling out ideas what it will look like and talking with someone who has done this to see if I can get their help.

Let me know how you do if you try accessing it. If you need help doing Telnet I would suggest grabbing a copy of PuTTY if you are Windows based. [SyncTERM actually works very well – watch for a follow up post.]

Thanks and Good Luck!




5 thoughts on “K9ZW SPOT BBS Project – Soft Launch

  1. Dave KI6ETL says:

    I was able to login and create an account. It said I received a new message, from you, but it won’t let me read it. Whenever I get into the check email, every thing I try bounces me back to the main messages menu. I’ve tried moving the cursor to “yes”. I’ve typed “Y”. I even tried “No” on the off chance the cursor wasn’t working as expected. Might entirely be me forgetting Mystic, as it has been awhile. I also tried logging all the way out and back in.

  2. Joseph Hallford says:

    Trying to get logged in to create a new account. I absolutely love the idea of a BBS that has HAM related things! I may be doing something wrong? I’ll try from my computer later this evening and hopefully I will have better luck than using JuiceSSH on my tablet.

    Best Wishes,



    • k9zw says:

      Hi Joseph W4DXR

      I cannot get by the push-escape twice anti-bot feature from a tablet.

      If your desktop is Windows, suggest SyncTERM as an ssh client.

      I will be doing a step-by-step using SyncTerm shortly.



      • Joseph Hallford W4DXR says:

        No worries, I will setup the account from my computer. I haven’t got the chance yet but hopefully tomorrow I can.

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