Antenna Building Time – Blogging Hiatus as a result

A brief post that despite having over four dozen draft posts waiting to be finished, it is antenna building time.

Has finally warmed up enough to make it decent to assemble the two log periodic antennas at the main QTH. They are a Tennadyne T-28 6m to 1.3 gHz and a T-12 30m to 10m models.

Have a lift already lined up to the antennas on the tower, and hopefully it won’t be too long before they are ready to go.

Goal is to get things up on the tower before the buggy season starts.

At the same at my Washington Island QTH plans are to get the tower base in so the tower can go up right after Memorial Day. As the entire setup is a transplant from my former home QTH, everything was working and only needs minor post-transport reassembly. Meeting with the concrete guy this week, and once the base is in I can do this one with my tractor-loader.

So as a result my slow down in posting will be continuing until I get these chores completed.



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