NW Digital Radio DRAWS in its Correct Case

The K9ZW #1 NW Digital Radio DRAWS is in its correct case.

Started putting my ARRL email on gear in case we get separated.

I’ve started into labeling ports on my equipment in an effort to improve “self-documentation” of gear. Why have to scramble later to online or paper documentation to confirm what voltage and polarity is required? Or whether the Right/Left port naming is by looking “out” from the ports or “looking inwards” at them?

Upper L-R – GPS, Left Radio, Right Radio then the Lower L-R – 5vdc, HDMI 1 & 2, Audio

12vdc powers the GPS and other HAT components – Accessory is unexplored at the moment

A Pi 4b has 2 USB2 and 2 USB3 (Blue) ports with a plug-in for internet

As explained I initially ordered my DRAWS fairly early on, with it shipping after the DRAWS revision date. Early Adopter (EA) DRAWS HATs have the GPS outlet on the side, which made making a case a bit more difficult. Current “Production” DRAWS HATs have the connector on the end. My initial build post is at: https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2021/03/28/nw-digital-draws-build-part-1/

My DRAWS HAT was an EA (Early Adopter) version despite shipping after the cutoff. As seen the Production Case won’t clear the GPS antenna connector.

I’m not titling this post as Build Part 2 as only cosmetics got done. I still need to set up the radio to be used and build all the cables.

If you have sharp eyes you will notice I didn’t put the case cover screws in yet, that was because in my single hardware store trip over the weekend a CR1220 battery for the HAT couldn’t be found.

Actually the few minutes to put the Raspberry Pi and DRAWS HAT into the case, and to make up the port labels is the total weekend Ham Radio effort, as it was Easter Weekend with much more important things to attend to.




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