When operating a Foreign Remote Station, how do you Identify?

Reading a related post https://community.flexradio.com/flexradio/topics/operating-a-flex-owned-by-an-operator-in-a-foreign-country that paraphrases how an amateur identifies when operating from a foreign station, I started pondering what happens when you operate remote?

Which call sign do you use when operating a remote Flex radio using SmartSDR and the radio is owned and located in a foreign country?

Would you have to apply for a license in the foreign country?

Would you use the call sign of the station owner?

I have done it both ways many times.

If the local control operator is in “Control” then the same 3rd party rules apply as the rules for Phone Patches http://www.arrl.org/phone-patch-guidelines .

If there is no “control” operator. then it depends on the reciprocal licensing agreements between countries.

That said, if you are dealing with a CEPT (European Conference of Postal & Telecommunications Administrations) country and the USA you definitely can do it and I have done it many times


BTW… don’t get too bothered by the rules police.. most countries do not care that much about ham radio these days… so enforcement of the rules can be very lax EXCEPT when you do something really obviously against the local rules like “Politics, Profanity, Interference. or beating the locals in a contest, Hi Hi!

Just do your homework and do it right.



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