Loss of Balance – All Zoomed Out

Like many of us the meetings I would have attended for work and for family have largely gone virtual. Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, Teleconference, or any variety of synthetic meeting systems replaced face to face events.

Zoomed Out and Bloodshot!

Or what would have been done in person has been reduced to a text, email or just gets skipped.

You hobby is facing the perceived need to hold its usual hamfests as virtual events for a second year.

Discussing in email, telephone and on-air exchanges whether one intends to buy a ticket and attend, several of us have decided that we are “all zoomed out” intending to give the events a pass.

Often mentioned is the lack of camaraderie of virtual substitutes and the reality that you can time-shift anything you did want to watch to a personally more convenient time slot.

In the case of the ARRL’s upcoming promotion you might have to wait 30 days until the paid restriction on-demand limitations change, but so what?

As I am not in the market for anything particular, and both vendors & other industry media resources will carry any timely marketing messages without my direct participation, I’ll wait for my possible “double virtual” (displaced by time and by electronic delivery) participation if other’s reviews suggest it is worth my while.

As I conceived this post I was participating in a VERY important Zoom meeting covering my annual safety refresher training, and despite knowing how critical the presented information is, I definitely suffered from “Zoom Fatigue.”   We had great presenters, state of the art technology and media to present but I was still zoning out.

Perhaps that is more a personal situation, as I suffered from wandering attention throughout schooling.  More likely my personal restlessness predisposes me to not suffer with gross wastes of my time.  And perhaps the disproportional amount of virtual meetings fuels my restlessness.

It is interesting that for 2021 an attempt to change a fee for these virtual hamfests has been introduced.  My belief is this to get participants to have some “skin in the game” and actually show up during the event.  Guess here, but it seems that a lot register but if it is a free registration they may not actually show up while the event is running, leading to difficulties in managing the paid exhibitor’s, advertiser’s  and sponsor’s expectations.

Currently the fee is $10 for the next one, which is trivial excepting you can guarantee you will receive a lot of marketing emails because of your registration.  Perhaps there should be a $20 event ticket that guarantees no marketing emails will follow?




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