Non-Radio – Mintbox, Raspberry Pi, and other computer flavors

Linux Mint 20.1 running on a MintBox Mini2

I’ve long had an interest working with different computer operating systems and hardware.  Back at school I worked with several mainframe systems (mostly Harris, DEC, Wang and IBM), CPM/MPM desktops, early Apple and IBM/DOS systems, a peculiar Houston Instruments system and the usual raft of small machines (Commodore, Apricot, BBC, Sinclair/Timex) and I am sure a few I have forgotten about.

Until a few years ago I still had an OS2 Warp machine running 24/7/365 which hadn’t been rebooted other than once a year to do Preventative Maintenance in a decade.

My production machines these days are all Win10Pro and MacOS machines because of needs to tightly interface within my work groups, but my hobby machines continue to range in flavors.

RaspbianOS running on a Raspberry Pi 4b

Currently in the shack are a Linux Mint 20.1 Mintbox fanless PC and a Raspberry Pi 4b running Raspian, as well as the Gallium Linux repurposed Chromebook.  Have a Raspberry Pi Zero W (wireless) just arrived.  Also recently arrived is a small Raspberry Pi e-ink screen HAT.

Cased Raspberry Pi 4B and Pi Zero W side by side


Linux Mint on a MintBox Mini2

Raspberry Pi Projects

Chromebook running Linux

What flavors of OS/Hardware are you running?



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2 thoughts on “Non-Radio – Mintbox, Raspberry Pi, and other computer flavors

  1. John McGrath KF6EFG says:

    I run Windows 10 for work, and Linux Mint 20.1 for my hobby computer. I have a couple of Raspberry Pi’s and other small form factor PC’s that I use for experimentation. Eventually I will find a uses for them, but it is a lot of fun to play!

  2. k9zw says:

    Quick updated rundown:

    In the Shack
    Win10Pro 64
    MacOS 10.15
    iOS (both iPad and iPhone flavors)
    Raspbian (on Raspberry Pi)
    GalliumOS (Chromebook Linux)
    Mint 20.1 (Linux)
    The nominal “no-OS” situation (the Arduinos technically don’t have a user accessible OS)

    Home Office
    MacOS 11
    Raspbian (on Raspberry Pi)
    iOS (iPad)

    Win10Pro 64
    iOS (iPhone)

    Island QTH
    Win10Pro 64
    MacOS 10.15


    Steve K9ZW

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