Morse Code being used to infect your computer? Really? Yes!

Morse Code Example (screen grab from a book where it featured – can you guess?)

As seen at Morse Code is being used in Phishing Scams:

A new targeted phishing campaign includes the novel obfuscation technique of using Morse code to hide malicious URLs in an email attachment.

… Starting last week [beginning of February 2021], a threat actor began utilizing Morse code to hide malicious URLs in their phishing form to bypass secure mail gateways and mail filters.

Basically the malicious load is symbolic Morse Code which a “decodeMorse()” function decodes into a hexadecimal string which is further decoded into JavaScript tags that are injected into the HTML page your browser is showing.

As antivirus programs look for the hexadecimal, JavaScript and HTML forms of malicious code, and until now largely ignored good old Morse Code, the stuff sneaks through.

More details at:

It is a shame that CW (Morse Code) is being abused to cause mischief.




[The picture came from which features Alfred Vail’s Description of the American ElectroMagnetic Telegraph: Now in Operation between the Cities of Washington and Baltimore (Washington: Printed by J. & G. S. Gideon,1845)]

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