K9ZW Main Home Rack Progress

Spent some workshop time on the last Saturday in January 2021 getting the main K9ZW Home QTH FlexRadio Rack up and running.

The FlexRadio setup had been usable barefoot but  operated from other power supplies, routers and gear not actually on the rack itself.  I refused to take a picture of the rats-nest of layered cabling that had been in use.

Main K9ZW Home QTH FlexRadio Rack

I’d been putting off wiring everything to essentially make everything work. So today I got out my Andersen PowerPole tools, made cables, did software updates and got the whole lot working right. Walking you from the top down:

  • PowerPole LED light mounted inside the top cross member of the rack
  • Small Netgear metal cased router dedicated to the rack
  • Rigrunner 4007U 12v power distribution panel with meter (on the other side of the panel where the router is mounted)
  • Behringer Eurorax 802A Preamp/audio mixer (the Shure SMB-5B microphone is on an arm on the desk)
  • FlexRadio Flex-6700 Transceiver #1
  • Wohler AMP1A-LP Power Speaker FlexRadio
  • Flex-6700 Transceiver #2
  • Palstar AT-AUTO antenna tuner 120v power distribution bar
  • Dual Astron rack mounted power supplies
  • FlexRadio PGXL solid state HF amp #1

Running right now with just four connects off the rack (ethernet, 110vac, 240vac and antenna) as I need to sort out the grounding and my easy-disconnect ground-buss next and I didn’t hook up my desk microphone as I was using a headset (cable is tucked in the upper Flex-6700 rack handle.)  I have a grounding buss-bar that will gather up the system grounds, and then will be cabled back to the main shack’s reference ground.

To be added is a station monitor/SWR meter, and some gear for the beverage antennas.

I am also hoping to enlist Winston KC9FVR’s assistance to tidy up the cabling on the rack, as he has an excellent feel for wire routing keeping things functional and yet appealing.

Like the microphone, the shack computer is not on the rack.

Intended to run alongside the FlexRadio rack is my Home QTH Collins Rack, again from the top down:

  • Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P
  • Rane VP12 Voice Processor
  • Aphex BigBottom Exciter
  • HAL CWR-6850 Telereader
  • Collins/Turner 751 Microphone
  • Collins HF-380 Transceiver
  • Palstar AT4K Antenna Tuner
  • 120v power distribution strip
  • Alpha-9500 HF Amplifier

K9ZW Collins HF-380 Rack in progress

I’m putting off fully wiring the Collin HF-380 rack for the moment, as I can easily run the HF-380 barefoot as it is for the limited vintage operating time I have available.

At the Island QTH I have a much simpler single FlexRadio rack which is built on the same rack but with most items on shelves.  Also the island QTH has a less involved Collins bench layout based on a KWM-2A transceiver.

Kind of expecting to revamp the racks after a couple month period of use, as experience suggests more optimization.



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3 thoughts on “K9ZW Main Home Rack Progress

  1. Paul Coats says:

    Wow! Impressive! You can get all sorts of rack hardware, blank panels, fans, handles, you name it, at partsexpress.com.

  2. Len Koppl says:

    Wow Steve, that is some setup! Two Flex 6700s is a lot of receive power! I can barely keep up with one 6400…

    Len, KD0RC

  3. Iain says:

    My goodness it looks more like a professional stereo system from 1980..but as has been said the Power..!

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