Non-Radio – Learning Burning – Laser Engraving First Steps

My Wainlux K6 Hong Kong built Kickstarter unit arrived right before the end of 2020.

Software is a mess. Windows application basically does nothing, but after perseverance I got the iOS app to sort of work from my iPhone.

Directions, videos and FaceBook page are similarly so underdeveloped as to be a step away from useless.

Until the software is stable and full capability, I cannot recommend this unit…but my guess is by Spring there will be a more robust release.

Here is a closeup of the first attempt in action. Audio is unrelated (sorry I hadn’t expected to post the video or to be honest that the thing actually worked for me) but that is just the way things work out sometimes:

Another shorter video showing the whole unit in action:

Here is my first attempt, which didn’t turn out the worst for an unadjusted unit and a neophyte operator.

Wainlux 6 K9ZW First Burn Results

I bought the unit hoping it would arrive in time to do some personalization for Christmas gifts, to learn about laser engraving, and to have fun during our semi-lockdown period. I’m already learning, so that part is all good.

The main website

More once Wainlux or a 3rd Party has the software sorted out.



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3 thoughts on “Non-Radio – Learning Burning – Laser Engraving First Steps

  1. Kuby says:

    You need to calibrate your focal point distance. Seek youtube James Dean Designs vids – specific on Laser setup/cal.

    • k9zw says:

      The iPhone camera does help what you are seeing.

      Later burns after adjustment were much better. And if was more than calibration that needed to be adjusted.

      The K3 is a surface-indexing unit for the most part, with the entire unit intended to set on the workpiece.

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