Non-Radio – 1965 Panhard 24bx (24bt but different)

One of our old cars is a model you most likely will not see on the road in North America. Some photos as teasers:

Anything look familiar?  (If it does you most likely spent a lot of time in Europe)


It is an uncommon model of an uncommon make.

We’re aware of one in the Lane Motor Museum, a fellow club owner on the East Coast has two, and there are a handful on the West Coast. Not certain how many of roughly 10 or so cars known to the USA club are roadworthy. Best guess is about half-dozen or less are roadworthy nationwide.

Here are some pictures of the whole car and interior:



Any wiser yet?

Our car is a 1965 Panhard 24bx, with the x something we added as it has an interesting history. The car was imported from Europe by an older collector a few years ago, and we acquired it during the virus-lockdown in 2020.

The Panhard 24 longer wheelbase model was built in three versions – the standard 24b, a deluxe 24bt and a really stripped down model the 24ba.

Our car was built as a 24b standard model in a batch of 24ba stripper model production. I has almost every 24bt deluxe model upgrade except it has the original standard engine. The researchers who provided input think the upgrades were installed either at the dealer level, perhaps at original Citroen Dealer delivery, or perhaps at the factory.

Whenever they were installed, the result is a 24bt without the signature “t” for “Tigre” (tiger) engine. The hotter engine has a different intake manifold, carburetor, added tachometer drive, and a different camshaft profile. The engine in this car matches the production records, so it is original to the car and has only the added tachometer drive above the standard specification.

The only other vestiges of the 24b standard configuration are a black rather than chrome gearshift lever, 24b style folding seat release tabs and drum brakes as by 1965 the 24bt used disc brakes . There are a few 24ct (the shorter wheelbase version) features we can see, including the ventilation controls, dash board lighting and wiper switch.

We have a lot more research detail which makes for interesting reading to a Panhard fan, but is largely too nuanced otherwise.

The paintwork matches a early 24 series advertising paint scheme typically a special order from the factory. The pillars holing up the roof are painted over the bright trim, though the same plum color can be seen under the trim. Pretty certain the car was repainted in the original color at least once over its 55 year life.

Because of the virus situation we have only driven the car locally and as every car show we registered the car at in 2020 ended up canceled, we haven’t shown it yet.

As I am finding my height works against me in driving this car, I’ll have to see if the initial appeal to my XYL carries into 2021, as left to me alone I’d likely sell the car onwards after showing it a few times.



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