A change in Antenna Direction at K9ZW Home QTH

On my main Skyneedle was supposed to go a RadioWavz Barrett Hexbeam with Broadband option.  The antenna was bought about four years ago and health and then a home QTH move kept it from going up in the air.

RadioWavz built this antenna with the high power and heavy duty options, and it is purported to work as a rotatable dipole on 160/80/60/30m, a 2el wire beam on 40/6m and as a 3el(+) wire beam on 20/17/15/12/10m.  Original configuration was using three antenna drop feedlines, but two can be combined with a harness they offered.

RadioWavz helped me out sending new element guides made of metal which replaced the DOA original fiberglass guides, replacing most of the parts missing from the original antenna (though the spare parts ordered have never arrived) and sold me a upgraded support rope set made of a Kevlar type material.

In the antenna building process twice I have had damage from deer getting into the antenna.

First incursion pulled a number of elements loose and broke one of the smaller fiberglass arm pieces.  My calls and emails to RadioWavz had not been answered, when I figured out who supplied the fiberglass.  Ordered new fiberglass parts direct and made the repair.

Second deer incursion again pulled some elements loose but this time half of the 40m element with insulators and spacer cord went missing.  Presumption is it was caught on the deer’s rack and carried away until it could be shaken loose.  The wire element I can cut locally but as my spare parts supply of extra insulators and cordage was never shipped, I’ve had to have the special insulators locally fabricated and I’m scrounging for similar cord.  Again my emails and calls have not been answered by RadioWavz.

What I have learned is that the business was sold to the next generation, and the founders retired to another state, plus the next generation is up to their eyeballs dealing with a child’s severe health issues.

I get it.  Family is WAY more important, period.

Along the way I sort of figured out that that the current owners do not have ready access to to engineering and parts vendors for my antenna.  Somehow when this model was improved/redesigned the original design calculations and dimensions became inaccessible.  It seems pretty obvious they haven’t sold a ton of this model either, as both of the original model hams I corresponded with when I researched the antenna five-six years ago no longer answer emails and maybe inactive/SK.

I also see how I could hugely improve this antenna, provided the electrical side is sound, and additionally how a 70ft Skyneedle with a 10ft mast is overkill, as other users had reported better performance when at the 25-30ft height range, than on top of taller tower.

At my old QTH for 15+ years I worked the world with a Tennadyne T-8 8el Log Periodic antenna.  That original antenna was bought used and was eventually replaced with a new T-8.  Above it I had a T-28.  The T-8 covered 20-10m and the T-28 6m-1.3gHz.  That tower and those antennas are on the ground at my Washington Island QTH waiting to erected.

The Tennadyne Log Periodic is an excellent antenna to use with a Flex-6000 for a whole bunch of reasons.  At one point another manufacturer was intending to launch a Flex-Ready Log, but they never did due to business reasons.

So the RadioWavz is being taken apart after being very carefully photographed and measured, with a future intention of going up later with my reliability/durability enhancements either on my tower at work or on a new lower tower at the home QTH.

And I ordered the 12el big brother to my T-8, a Tennadyne T-12.10-30HD which will continuously cover 30m-10m and another T-28 was ordered which will cover 6m-1.3gHz.

Where the T-8 offered a claimed dbd 5.0 / dbi 7.1 the T-12.10-30HD offers a claimed dbd 8.0 / dbi 10.1 – or roughly a 3dB increase in sensitivity.  I get confused by dBs but have figured out that 3dB is roughly a doubling of sensitive or in TX of power.  I may have that a bit off, but as some of the guys I know with huge DX and Challenge scores are running T-10/T-12 models, I think it is a sound decision.

In this case the 80ft effective height of the Skyneedle/mast will make a difference.

I’m hoping for a loud and sensitive station using the T-12.10-30HD

For now my 40/60/80/160m efforts will have to focus on the ZeroFive vertical flagpole/antenna, my W9INN Half-Slopers and a large dipole.  Like every decision there are tradeoffs, and in this case the knowledge that the antennas up there will work right off the bat outweighs the big unproved troubled-design hexbeam project.

Link to Tennadyne: http://www.tennadyne.com/index.html



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