Non-Radio – Turbo VRod in storage until Spring

A shot of the business part of the Trask Tubo kit


This was an very weird year for motorcycling.

Leaving home to make a great big loop with perhaps a gas station fill as the only intermediate destination really didn’t appeal.

With most potential destinations shut, restaurants largely doing only take out food, the virus swing in temperament making it “bad form” to drop in on friends rather than a welcome diversion, I found it hard to motivate to ride.

My planned ride to the Island faded in appeal as little opened or was happening on the Island excepting a few crowds from out of state which made sense to stay away from.

I had thought of trying to add a few more “Wisconsin Rustic Road” rides to my building list, but did I really want to pack sandwiches for the all day ride? I’ve done many of the near Rustic Roads, so what I need next are the ones over 3 hours out from home.

The bike is looking sharp though and continues to impress me on its well managed power.

I had a lot of powder coating done to darken-up the bike and had a nicer set of pegs fitted with a right-side extension to clear the intercooler better.

Trask Turbo’s branding is pretty low key


As a recap, this bike started as a 2013 Harley Davidson Night-Rod VRod and has a Trask Turbo kit along with the needed upgrades to make a whole lot more torque, horsepower and noise than stock. A whole lot! I have the rolling road dyno charts, and performance is massive especially compared to the claimed factory specifications, which were engine output shaft rather than real world on the road figures.

This winter while the bike is being stored at my local HD shop (Harbor Town HD), it may be an additional set of performance upgrades. I’m waiting for the final quote, as I asked about installing a “Stage Kit” – likely Stage 3 or Stage 4 – to coax another 50-70 hp out of the bike.

This would put it just under where drag bike drive train parts would be needed.

It is interesting that the Porsche Design engine and drive train in the VRod can handle so much more power and torque within its original design and parts.

Some bike pictures:

Powder coating this time around was vent screens, handlebar items, pegs (notice the extender), foot controls and engine items.


A rather narrow and low bike for what it is


A lot of the power coating is subtle but leads to nice uniform dark look


Nearest the Left Hand control cluster is the Turbo Boost Gauge, the smaller is clock


The Turbo and its intercooler. Only complaint is the intercooler sticks out more than I would prefer



The drop pipe is rather loud, and amplifies the turbo boost gate pop when letting off the power.


A nice view of the HD tank-bra that was added. The tank is faux as the actual fuel is beneath the seat.


If the Stage Kit idea is affordable and I pull the trigger, the results would be HP and Torque numbers approaching roughly 250% of stock!

There is also a larger aftermarket fuel tank that might work, as I doubt the added performance would return the same mileage, especially if the rider stoked the fire a bit!

If I don’t pull the trigger on the Stage Kit this winter or if they don’t think it would technically work out, I am hoping 2021’s riding season results in more miles, as my 2020 riding year was as weak as it comes.



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