Coming this weekend (Aug 15th, 2020) – SmartSDR for Mac

In a really nice addition to the SmartSDR ecosystem, Marcus Roskosch DL8MRE is releasing a native MacOS version of SmartSDR which should hit the Apple MacOS App store on August 15th 2020.

SmartSDR for MacOS


As a disclaimer, I have NOT participated or seen this software in pre-release, though with the high quality of Marcus DL8MRE past work and software releases, I am very excited about his new product.

Some really great features:

  • built in FT4/8
  • integrated CAT & DAX
  • built in Logbook with ADIF Export and a Call lookup tool
  • internal DX-Cluster
  • a Band-Map Tool
  • internal Spots on the panadapter
  • CWX and CW Macros,
  • Internal and external Audio device support
  • SmartLink integration
  • Full Firmware Updating capabilites for your Radio
  • Support for Country TURF Files
  • Will display all the panadapters and slices your Radio is capable of

While Marcus DL8MRE is closely affiliated by FlexRadio, he is a third party developer.  His products are considered officially supported and promoted, but they are not part of the basic SmartSDR for Windows product included when you buy a new Flex-6000 radio.

The new app does run $149.00 as a one-time cost.  Presently it will only be offered through Apple’s store.  I am uncertain if your SmartSDR for Mac purchase is per radio, per machine, or allows for some combination.  Nor is it clear you can install this on all your own MacOS machines?

Unlike the most of alternatives to run a Flex-6000 client on a Mac computer, this is a fully native application.

The present alternatives on the Mac hardware are:

  • Running SmartSDR for Windows under Bootcamp using a copy of Windows OS
  • Running SmartSDR for Windows under Parallels (or another VM sandbox) using a copy of Windows OS
  • DogparkSDR *** (which is another native app which has some really great features)

Only DogparkSDR is actually running on MacOS.  Thinking we can see some comparisons between the two native MacOS options appearing quite soon.

Some of Marcus DL8MRE other Apps:

  • Network Toolbox ***
  • Electronic Toolbox
  • RF-Toolbox
  • SmartSDR for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ***
  • SmartSDR for Mac (MaxOS)
  • AOR Scanner
  • iCluster
  • Tesla Explorer

(*** are software I have purchased)

Not certain if the new package will have any sort of trial period either.

More when the new package is actually released.



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One thought on “Coming this weekend (Aug 15th, 2020) – SmartSDR for Mac

  1. Mike Coslo N3LI says:

    WhhoooHoooo! I like both SmartSDR and DogPark, but the probelm with SmartSDR is not the program, but the fact that it was only availlable on a sub par unreliable operating system, with updates that broke the system as well. I can perhaps abandon Windows again, and do everything on an OS that is reliable. The only drawback for me is I have a FlexControl. I’ll have to do something else on the Mac.

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