Follow up on a Flex-6700’s trip to the Mother Ship for repair

My backup Flex-6700 took a trip to Austin TX as it’s OLED had failed, and I wanted to have it get a full checkout.

As it was a non-urgent service need, it didn’t warrant priority handling, and once we determined it needed to come in for repairs I waited for a RMA to be issued.

FRS is managing their RMAs to keep things flowing, but to avoid having radios show up too far before their quarantine period.

Yes they are quarantining income packages in a safety campaign.

Likewise I’ve met my idea of quarantining by letting the radio sit in its packaging three days since arrival.

So what went wrong with my 6700?  Part of the OLED power supply had failed.  Simple fix on the bench, where skilled labor was the important part.

Of course during the process a full checkout was run by automated process and specific checks made by the technician.

In the check out, several of this radio’s fans needed replacement, and once the return insured shipping was added my radio’s round trip adventure used a couple hours of labor and a very modest amount of parts.

Everyone is interested what all this stuff costs, and the standard out of warranty investigative session is $99.  My reinvestment into this radio was 3.3% of a new 6700, including return transport.

Not bad for a radio ready to go for another multi-year operating session!




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