A little bit of 1D WI 2020 Field Day at K9ZW

Did run a bit of Field Day 2020, but did the lazy ham’s FT8 method of participating while multi-tasking.

Had more than a smidgen of troubles with my particular install of WSJT once switched to Field Day mode with double-entry of QSOs, missed logging of QSOs and error-outs with claims of inaccurate exchange entries (it would drop my sent exchange by the time it tried to log the QSO).

So the usual click-per-QSO became multiple.

I saw where very close to FD that a new WSJT version was released, which may have sorted the issues, but I didn’t upgrade prior to the event and long ago I learned to NEVER upgrade during a contest unless there is no choice.

Better to struggle with a bunch of extra key clicks and perhaps a few unrecorded QSOs than upgrade into bigger issues that could put my station off the air.

I didn’t hook up an external logger program either.  My preparation time was sharply curtailed by other pressing demands, and I didn’t have time to set up a logger with WSJT ahead of FD. 

So I made roughly a 100 QSOs, all FT8, while otherwise working in the workshop. Did listen to a lot of great alpine traditional music, built a new sign for the property, did some musical practicing, and when I tired of sitting at the operating station did yard work.




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