Non-Radio – Kombucha Flavors

I had a couple people ask for a bit of details on my Kombucha brewing, and specifically flavoring. Running a continuous-batch system, based around the equipment & starter from Kombucha Kamp – link: These are really good folk and I recommend you check them out if interested in brewing your own.

I’ve been working from in-the-bottle flavorings based partly on word-of-mouth, part right from the Big Book of Kombucha (which you can get from Kombucha Kamp), part from internet & book references, and lastly from instinctive experimentation.

Ten of my recent flavors

I’ve been rotating through roughly 18 different recipes in an effort to tweak them the way we like them.

Here are some close-ups:


Elderberry, Juniper-Rose and Root Beer have been favorites

The left-over elderberries when we strain for serving are really tasty.  The “Juniper Rose” is a bit more “adult” tasting and really surprised us how nice it is.  I make a homemade Root-beer Syrup which makes this Root-beer Kombucha a “no-straining” bottling.

Herbs de Provence and Gingerootbucha are new favorites, my Dandelion & Burdock not so much.

The Herbs is really nice, and the Gingerootbucha a stand-out.  My first couple Dandelion & Burdock lack the familiar UK-type D&B taste, and I’m back researching this flavor for a better option.


Raisin Cookie is awesome, my “Iru-Bru #1” is another that needs work

The Raisin Cookie is really nice.  Raisins are often added at bottling to provide sugar for secondary fermentation, and true to form the bottle can be seen working.  Iru-Bru is a first stab at echoing the Scottish softdrink.  To get the “Iron” flavor a food grade particular form of Ferric Citrate  is used, and I have that part worked out.  Doing my homework on how to adjust for a new recipe, as I wouldn’t serve the #1 version to others.


Rosehip is nice and the “Orange Dream” is a standout


Rosehip is a classic and “Orange Dream” echos the creamy smoothness of a “Dreamcicle.”   It is another “no-strain” recipe.

I won’t take up bandwidth laying out recipes here, you can email me (good at for details.

So now you know what I’ve been drinking in the K9ZW hamshack.  Straight N/A Probiotic Kombucha!




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