Flex-6600M vs Flex-6700 – some thoughts

In the FlexRadio community someone asked what a person would pick if their choices were a Flex-6600M vs Flex-6700?

I replied:

“Presently owning 6700s and a 6600M I am very biased to the 6700 platform. My 6600 is nice but the 6700s are appealing robust!

I unboxed my oldest 6700 June 21st 2013 (serial #11) and quickly as software rolled out it retired my 5000A.

If I had to shed radios, my original 6700 would be the last SDR I’d let go.

While I seldom run up all the slices in earnest it is pretty neat to fill your screens with the panafalls!”

On more reflection if I needed something that was grab-and-go, all-in-one the 6600M wins.

If I am operating remote the choice changes to the 6700 hands down.

“Horses for Courses” as they say.  And not a bad pick in the bunch either!



2 thoughts on “Flex-6600M vs Flex-6700 – some thoughts

  1. Mike N3LI says:

    My own preferences were a 6600, and a Maestro. Not that I woudn’t like a 6700, but I don’t need 8 slices, the 6600 is newer technology, apparently has some superior filtering, and costss less. That’s what swayed me. In the end, it’s a choice that has no losing side!

  2. k9zw says:

    Some additional small differences between the 6700 and the 6600M:

    – The 6600M has an additional level of filtering not available internally on other 6000 series models.
    – In the 6600M (actually all M-models) some the network control facilities are disabled to prevent the front faceplate of the M becoming network-wise disconnected from the back-end radio part of the M-model radio.

    Additional consideration is the 6700 is designed to conserve space when rack mounted. The 6600M is much less compact.

    In my operating experience the additional 6600M filters have not come into play, but the unavailability of network controls has been an issue.

    YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) of course!



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