Non-Radio – Turbocharged VRod Harley-Davidson

Before the cosmetic & comfort stage.

This bike started as a brand new Harley-Davidson V-Rod “Night Rod” model.

Modifications started once the break-in miles were run off, and center on a Trask Turbo Kit.

There was a lot to do to install the kit and tune it to a good balance between torque/horsepower and road-ability.  Few creature comforts had to be dealt with and of course a few cosmetics.

RJ at Harbor Town Harley-Davidson did all the hard work and he really knows his stuff – link:

Horsepower dyno at the rear wheel is set about 160% of stocks 115-120 engine horsepower, and torque is up to a similar 165% of stock.

Pushing much further would have required some serious modifications to the rest of the drive train, including changing out the belt for chain-drive.

Everything we could easily remove was black power coated, a different seat was installed, and the factory bags added.  Right side foot pegs have been adjusted/lengthened to provide a bit more clearance from the hot drop pipes and the inter-cooler’s bulk.  A tank cover (bra) was added and usable mirrors.

Various screens, controls and other parts as powder coated.

One effort to try fitting a pneumatic speed-shifter didn’t work out, as the ECU (engine control unit) needs were incompatible with the mods for the Turbo kit.

Turbocharger and Intercooler as first installed

It is interesting to have a Harley that pushed keeps up with the crotch-rockets and will lift its front tire with ease.

Here is a link to Trask:

Unfortunate downside to the turbo is noise.  It is much louder than stock and has a racing aggression bark.  I’ve had only one officer think it was too loud but I think he more wanted to see it up close as here was no trouble.  I’ve seen photos of Trask V-Rods with a glass-pack for European riders, which I should follow up on.

Despite the surplus of power the bike is really a nice ride.  Have only has it out once this Virus-Distorted season so far, though I hope to take it to a show or two if they happen.



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