Further work on the ZeroFive Flagpole Antenna

Here is the setup:

  • ZeroFive 30ft extra heavy duty flagpole vertical antenna
  • 38 #14 solid direct burial grade radials 30 ft long, soldered to the radial ring.
  • 3/8 inch copper tube radial ring, bonded to the antenna with a #14 solid wire
  • Array Solutions AS-302N 3K lightning protection/static dissipation
  • one eight foot ground rod (you can see the feed is protected in a flexible conduit)
  • 275 ft of Hardline to the shack
  • 2 ft of Belden 9713F final whip from antenna to Array Solutions device
  • 12 ft of Belden 9713F final whip to an internal Flex-6700 antenna tuner in the shack

I’m running 30m digital as I type the Flagpole Vertical.  In use for 30m the ATU bypasses as the match is 1.05:1 which with the long feedline disappears to a very level coupling.

Business end of the antenna

I’ve been using this antenna to run more digital mode on bands I typically was unproductive on.  The 12m and 30m capabilities are really nice!  I’ve found the antenna tunes 160m to 6m but I’ve only made a handful of contacts on the end bands.

The Array Solution device is at the end of the hardline, and a short 2 ft whip of 9713F connects the antenna to the device:

Have landscaping to finish off, but this install is rocking!



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