Non-Radio – the Moto Guzzi Ambassador

Moto Guzzi

The 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador is a really nice “RestorMod” bike.  Basically the folks who did the restoration used a keen sense of style to update finishes in a really neat retro-bike.

I drove a number of Moto Guzzis but never owned one.  An Ambassador was always a favorite.  Perhaps someday I’ll add a V7 Sport and V1000 Convert to round out my Moto Guzzi collection.

Things done at restoration/modification of this 1970 Ambassador include:

    • Core bike was a 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador
    • New custom color combination (looks even better in person), Paint my Moto Guzzi Gardens
    • New Pin stripping
    • Frame and component Powder coating was done by Denmac Ind,
    • Ceramic coating of Pipes and Mufflers were done by Specialized Coating of Orange Co
    • Speedo was restored by Moto Guzzi Classics of Long Beach
    • Engine was completely disassembled, inspected  and built by Moto Guzzi Classics of Long Beach,
    • Chrome Pistons Cylinders are Chrome
    • New Rings & Seals
    • Heads were Rebuilt
    • New Transmission Seals during rebuild
    • New Clutch
    • New Cables
    • The Dellorto Carburetors were rebuilt.
    • Fork rebuilt with new seals
    • Final Drive  rebuilt with new seals
    • New Tires
    • New Solo Seat with “gal patch”
    • New Brakes
    • New Battery
    • New Grips
    • New Mirrors
    • All Bolts were replaced with Stainless Steel
    • Cleaned and retained the Original Light and Horn Switch


Moto Guzzi

The actual restoration was done for a Hollywood actress who barely (like in not much, rather than sans clothes) rode the bike.  I picked it up from a Chicagoland based collector who decided to clear out a handful of his vehicles.

Moto Guzzi

I don’t get to ride this one much, and circumstances have kept me from showing the bike.  Hoping that will change. 

It has a lovely Italian-Twin sound and responsive, though the systems are dated.  The brakes are pretty old school.

Always a fun ride!





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