Putting the Island on the Rack

We made a trip to our Washington Island QTH after respecting the resident islanders’ request for occasional residents to not visit during Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order.

That order was lifted several weeks back, but we’re always safety minded so our first return waited a bit longer.

One of my many weekend projects was to assemble a rack to move the station to.

Unlike the main QTH racks very little will be attached to the Island rack, rather it will be on shelves. My idea is to make it easier to move gear around and to love the whole rack to another location if everything was not all screwed in.

Rack as initially set up. Box on the floor beside it.

Stage one in every way.  I’ll let the configuration mature, add the amp  along with an SWR/power meter.

The power distribution and internet will be better handled when I make a side panel for a RigRunner and to mount the rack router (a small Cisco model).

It looks good to support the microphone boom and some audio gear on the rack in revisions to come.

The cables will get tidied, and I’m hoping I can get full-rack dust covers made for all my racks.

One very big difference between my other rack builds is the purposely empty space at the bottom.  

Having damaged some gear and lost my hot water heater to an overwhelmed sump pump I’m not going to put anything too low.  Even though I added dual pumps and it was a once in 100 year period of rain at the same time as the snow melted, better safe than sorry.




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