Radios need servicing too

Have two radios down right now, and one other radio needing minor service.

One of dead transceivers is a TenTec Jupiter, that simply won’t start. I’m a bit short of diagnostic time & even more short on the skills, so it would have to go out for service. The trick is where to send it? Or is it even worth repairing?  I have several, so perhaps this one just gets broken down for parts?

My Flex-6600M developed the SD-Card corruption issue and FlexRadio immediately dispatched a replacement SD card for it. I did the swap, but after running a day the problem reappeared. Going to recheck my work this weekend, and if no joy, then arrange for a trip to the FlexRadio repair bench to get sorted out. If you asked me to bet right now, I’d say the radio is going to make a trip to Texas next week.

My backup Flex-6700, which I purchased second hand, has lost its OLED display. The current repair process requires a trip to FlexRadio, during which I’ve requested that the radio be fully checked out & serviced.  Through the FRS Help Desk I’ve been assigned a Help Ticket, and I’m waiting for my RMA to be issued.  Due to the virus FRS is scheduling inbound service work, and then quarantining it for the techs’ safety.  I’m all for safety!

Not unexpected, as I seem to be in a streak of needing things & breaking more.

In the last two weeks both chainsaws needed service work beyond what I could do, one of the tractors went to the shop for repair, we had to replace a door on the house, and … yup, a whole string.  Broke a belt on a lawnmower, a bolt fell out of my wife’s favorite gardening wheelbarrow that we “had” to bring from Europe back when based on it being so advanced (and it uses odd metric bolts that will take a bit to find) and it has a flat tire, two of our Mosquito Magnets broke (we have others), and one of the hinges on the furthest gate broke where someone must have tried to sit on our gate.  

I could talk about the box of just delivered cellular wireless hotspot gear that arrived two days ago, yet when I tried to arrange an install was discontinued on the day it arrived.  Where it is supposed to go is an LTE area not scheduled for 5G until 2022, and the replacement new 5G hotspot gear that will come out in 12 weeks would be useless for another 18 months because the towers are behind in updating to the the matching 5G.  Oh bother..



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