Considering a HF Mobile Station in one of my Vintage Cars – a 1974 Citroen DSuper5

I’m considering a HF Mobile Station in one of my Vintage Cars, a 1973/74 Citroen DSuper5 that I am in the midst of renovating.

Here is a picture at the start of the project:

1973/74 Citroen DSuper5

The car project needs to complete before I’ll consider adding a mobile station.  That is expected to happen in next several weeks.

Then the question is whether to do a 1970’s style classic station or use up to date radios?

I’m leaning towards modern gear, as I could hide the station in the glove box and trunk, and with a removable antenna setup I could avoid the “Gendarmerie Nationale” unmarked squad car look when at car shows (if they return).



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