RBOG at the Far End – Enclosure Solution SOCKiTBOX DriBOX 200

Enclosures for electronics left in the open environment need to be weather-tight, waterproof, provide UV protection and provide some level of physical protection.

An RBOG (Reversible Beverage On Ground) antenna has a transformer at the far end of each leg of the array that needs protection.

A lot of hams improvise and I was eyeing some of the planter pots, which I though I could use inverted.

Then while I was out in the gardening shed looking for a pair for suitable flower pots, a deer went by, and then a woodchuck.

Pondering I thought my flower pot resting on wooden stand idea was likely to be upturned by the wildlife, and most likely would not be waterproof all year around.

So I started looking at commercial options and settled on the SOCKiTBOX DriBOX 200 as the solution I would try.



SOCKiTBOX DriBOX 200 is the smallest of the offerings, and I truly hope the actual green is not quite as bright.

At the end transformer end of an RBOG there are two wires to bring into the SOCKiTBOX DriBOX 200, the antenna wire pair itself and a ground wire.  I will build-up the wires if they are too small for the gasketing to seal up. [EDIT – looks like the gaskets will work without extra assistance.  And yes they are a less subdued than hoped for.]

Here is the manufacturer’s link:  http://www.sockitbox.com/size-option/size-200/

They even have a video: https://youtu.be/QWk-nWV-JiM

I paid $15.99 each (plus tax) from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009RX5H6S




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3 thoughts on “RBOG at the Far End – Enclosure Solution SOCKiTBOX DriBOX 200

  1. John McGrath KF6EFG says:

    I am interested to see how is the box and seals hold up in through the Winter. The design seems to be water resistant, but I can see it becoming brittle during the winter and UV exposure.

    • k9zw says:

      My questions too.

      First impression is the fabrication material is the sort of plastic like outdoor lawn furniture. Their website claims they passed the European UV standard for outdoor use.

      I don’t think the watertightness is up to a burial grade NEMA type box, and I’m going to do a “sink test” before I put them out.

      Basically I will put a bricks into them and submerge one in my slop sink to see if the interior stays dry.

      Whether the plastic will become brittle at -30 F is my remaining question.

      Thanks for reading and posting your questions!



  2. […] The boxes arrived early and I swapped the temporary (and leaking/condensating) tubs for the SOCKiT DRiBOX 200’s I started discussing a few days back at:  https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/05/22/rbog-at-the-far-end-enclosure-solution-sockitbox-dribox-200/ […]

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